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[rcrimg]icon1[/rcrimg][rcrtext1]Audio[/rcrtext1][rcrtext2]Crisp & Clear[/rcrtext2]

Over 20 years ago, William Berry began installing custom car stereo systems out of a tin storage building. Word quickly spread that here was someone who not only knew how to make automotive sound something special, but knew how to do it at a very reasonable cost. It didnt take long for The Auto Wizard to emerge.

[rcrimg]icon2[/rcrimg][rcrtext1]Video[/rcrtext1][rcrtext2]Dash, Seat, Etc.[/rcrtext2]

When you utilize the skills and expertise of The Auto Wizard’s home theater and home electronics experts, you ensure receiving the highest performance system your budget allows, designed and installed with superlative craftsmanship to your guaranteed satisfaction.

[rcrimg]icon3[/rcrimg][rcrtext1]Remote Starts[/rcrtext1][rcrtext2]Safe & Warm[/rcrtext2]

Get the ultimate in convenience with a remote car starter. Remote starters enable you to start your car from a distance so that you can heat up or cool down your car before you get there. The Auto Wizard offers expert installation services to seamlessly integrate a remote starter with your current alarm and security and get you back on the road in no time.

[rcrimg]icon4[/rcrimg][rcrtext1]Mobile Control[/rcrtext1][rcrtext2]Smart Phone Solutions[/rcrtext2]

Forgot to lock the doors? Need to let someone in? or forgot your keys, no problem, where ever you are, you can be in control via your smartphone. Windows, GPS, Remote Start, and more.

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