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Upgrade your security

Your car may have a keyless entry remote, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got a security system built in as well. And even if you have a factory-installed security system, very few of them include an impact sensor — an essential feature if you want to stop a thief from smashing a window and taking what they want.

Great features, powerful protection

Code Alarm’s CA1153 keyless entry and security system protects your car and its contents with an impact sensor and more, and gives you the convenience of remote door locking. The dual-stage shock sensor chirps a warning with the first impact, then goes off full blast if the intrusion continues. The system includes:
  • a dual-stage magnetic shock sensor that detects unauthorized tampering;
  • a powerful 125 dB weatherproof siren;
  • Real Panic Sound randomizes siren/horn warnings to attract more attention
  • two metal-clad remote controls;
  • remote door lock and unlock;
  • a starter interrupt feature which shuts down ignition during unauthorized use;
  • DBI port for direct interface connection


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